What do others have to say about Research Quest?
My student's have been loving the Research Quest program designed by Natural History Museum of Utah. The interactive nature of the program keeps students completely engaged in their learning. Critical thinking skills are so important for student's to learn and this program is a perfect fit for that skill. My student's are asking all manner of questions, they are so caught up in the "mystery" they are solving, they hardly know they are learning crucial skills for their future. The format of the quest requires the students to write a hypothesis for all of their findings, which is great practice for a science or STEM fair. I would highly encourage any teacher who has the opportunity to participate in this program to do so as soon as they can. Brandy Beckman
Research Quest provides an effective way for teachers to increase student critical thinking skills and science literacy through inquiry-based instruction. The different investigations are facilitated by a scientist and help students to use observation and research to write evidence-based arguments. Students also experience how to adjust their hypotheses to incorporate new understanding through contact with online learning resources. Research Quest is efficient at utilizing science practices to engage students in scientific communication while using authentic resources in real situations. Melissa Mendenhall
Online Research Quest is designed so that teachers are better supported in using the amazing resources of the Natural History Museum of Utah and also experience and reflect on their own learning, developing and using a broader skill set that applies to all content areas. Dr. Christelle Estrada
Quest is amazing! It brings to life a problem facing actual scientists and encourages students to use real-world skills to create and justify their opinion. Critical thinking is such a necessary skill for our students and this experience helps them to work through a problem step by step as they come to a conclusion. The tools are interactive, the information is easy to understand, and the resources allow for differentiation and collaboration in class. I can't wait to let my students loose with this program! Heather Threlkeld