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Team and Credits

Research Quest is the culmination of an inspiring effort by an amazing team of professionals and fundraising partners. Each committed themselves to helping NHMU create a powerful learning experience for students. We are grateful for their expertise and many contributions. They include:

Advancing Critical Thinking (ACT) Project Team

Tracey Collins
Director of Education and Community Engagement

Merinda Davis
Digital Learning and Curriculum Coordinator

Chris Eisenberg
Deputy Director and Director of Philanthropy & Communications

Jason Cryan
Executive Director

McKenna Lane
Digital Learning and Curriculum Coordinator

Madlyn Larson
Associate Director of Education Initiatives

Carrie Levitt-Bussian
Collections Manager, Paleontology

Glenna Nielsen-Grimm
Collections Manager, Anthropology

Mitch Power, Ph.D.
Curator, Garrett Herbarium, Associate Professor, Geography Department

Ex-Officio Members
Sarah George , Ph.D., Ann Hanniball, Becky Menlove


University of Utah, College of Education, Educational Psychology Department

Instructional Design and Educational Technology Program

Kirsten Butcher, Ph.D.
Program Director and Associate Professor

Eric Poitras, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Michelle Hudson
Graduate Research Assistant

Matt Orr
Graduate Research Assistant


Funding Partners


ACT National Advisory Team

Roger Alitizer, Ph.D.
University of Utah, Entertainment, Arts and Engineering Program, Associate Director and Professor

Sue Allen, Ph.D.
Allen and Associates, Principal

Thomas Arnett
Clayton Christensen Institute, Research Fellow

Jamie Bell
Association of Science and Technology Centers/Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education, Project Director

Kirsten Butcher, Ph.D.
University of Utah, Department of Educational Psychology, Director and Professor

Christelle Estrada, Ph.D.
Utah State Board of Education, Title III Education Specialist

Shelley Goldman, Ed.D.
Stanford University, Department of Education, Associate Dean and Professor

Preeti Gupta Ph.D.
Director of Youth Learning and Research at the American Museum of Natural History

Ricky Scott
Utah State Board of Education, Science Specialist

Jennifer Shirk
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Manager

Eric Siegel
New York Hall of Science, Director and Chief Content Officer

Sarah Young
Utah State Board of Education, Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator


ACT Education Advisors

Christelle Estrada, Ph.D.
Utah State Board of Education, Title III Education Specialist

Brett Moulding
Utah Partnership for Effective Science Teaching and Learning, Director

Barbara Gentry
Jordan School District, Secondary Science Specialist (Retired)

Tyson Grover
Davis School District, Science Supervisor

Jane Harwood
Jordan School District, Curriculum Administrator-Science/STEM

Melissa Mendenhall
USBE Elementary Science/STEM Specialist

Paul Nance
Jordan School District, Elementary Science Specialist

Matt Patterson
Weber School District, Science Specialist

Ricky Scott
USBE Secondary Science Education Specialist

Stephanie Wood
Granite School District, Associate Director of Online Learning

Donna Ziegenfuss
Ed.D., University of Utah, Marriot Library, Associate Librarian in Graduate and Undergraduate Services


Utah Education Network

Jessica Anderson
UEN Web Designer

Michelle Dumas
UEN Web Designer

Laura Hunter, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer

Rusty Keele
Database Designer

Justin Reed
Database Designer

Tim Stack
Project Manager


Video Production Team

Blank Space, Video Production

Colby Bryson
Producer and Director

Derek Long
Sound Recorder/Mixer

Alec Lyons
Director of Photography

Rob Blatt
Creative Producer & Script Writer

Michael Leschin
Bureau of Land Management, Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry


Interactives Development

Mitch Guarente

Ian J. Johnston
Animation Director, Revity

Jonathan Powell
Interactive Developer, Art Coding Design and Uinta Digital

Uinta Digital and Art Coding Design


Entertainment, Arts and Engineering (EAE) Program at the University of Utah

Roger Altizer, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Ryan Bown
MFA Assistant Professor

Jesse Ferraro
Project Manager

Zeno Saviour

Sydnie Ritchie

Yash Kapani

Maté Mihanovic

Yang 'Leo' Li

Matt Jensen
Research Assistant

Swapnil Sawant

Brenton Walker

Isaac Kellis

Jeff Jackman


Digitization and Modeling

Alyson Wilkins
NHMU Collections Digitization Manager

University of Utah Marriott Library

Idaho State University, Jesse Pruitt

Autodesk, ReCap Pro


Youth Teaching Youth ACT/EAE Interns

Linda Aaron
Youth Development Programs Manager

Cayden Turnbow
2016-2017 intern

Gerardo Robles
2015-2016 intern

Renata Visnjic
2015-2016 intern

Ricky Arellano
2014-2015 intern

Johnson Liu
2014-2015 intern


NHMU Science Advisors

Vanessa Bailey
Graduate Student

Christy Bills
Entomology & Malacology Collections Manager

Tylor Birthisel
Paleontology Preparation Lab Manager

Shannon Boomgarden, Ph.D.
Director of Range Creek Field Station

Bryn Dentinger, Ph.D.
Curator of Mycology

Randy Irmis, Ph.D.
Chief Curator, Curator of Paleontology

Carrie Levitt-Bussian
Paleontology Collections Manager

Mark Loewen, Ph.D.
Research Associate

Glenna Nielsen-Grimm, Ph.D.
Anthropology Collections Manager

Mitch Power, Ph.D.
Curator of Botany

Corinne Springer
Archaeological Center-Range Creek Site Manager

Susy Valasquez-Franco
Graduate Student

Joe Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology Department, Utah State University


Research Quest Teacher Fellows

Kim Brockholt
Sheri Burton
Dan Hansen
Stephanie Lewis
Jodi Rees
Jennifer Roberts
Heather Shaffer
Sarah Sumison

Tyler Blain
Becky Curtis
Andrew Gee
Reed James
Rurik Johnson
Alison Lund
Tiffani Martin
Deb Smith
April Thompson
Mike Wallace
Kate Williams
Kathleen Wynn

Jill Allen
Broc Ballif
Angela Bazzo
Brandy Beckman
Ken Bennion
Karen Blake
Brent Blanch
JoAnne Brown
Lindsay Child
Jessica Constant
Lori Daniels
Christine Edenfield
Megan Funk
Valerie Gailey
Kristen Galletta
Lora Gibbons
Matthew Hacket
Dane Hepworth
Nicole Herrera
Jill Howells
Phil Hughes
Megan Hurster
Rebecca Kern
Madison Kingsford
Karen Kraus
Sarah Lange
Maria Lee
Julie Leri
Alison Lund
Justin Maddocks
Jennifer Mackay
Sharon McGarry
Leslie Mouton
Bobbi Nielsen
Katie Nelson
Michael Olsen
Kelly Paxton
April Thompson
Kelci Thurman
Carolyn Roberston
Jeff Rolan
Trudy Skeleton
Deb Smith
Jenn Tullis
Mike Wallace
Lindy Worden

In addition to the partners above, Research Quest has benefited from the expert input and time that has been so generously given by dozens of additional advisors and community partners. We are grateful for their support.