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Joining Research Quest's Ed Corps provides a new leadership opportunity for educators around the United States to promote Research Quest.

Ed Corps supports educators in doing something they already do - promoting Research Quest. Along the way, educators are encouraged to be influencers within their communities (such as their school, on social media, and other educator communities). And, to make it fun, educators are rewarded when they share and support others in using these free classroom resources.

Free Benefits


As an Ed Corps member, you will be promoting Research Quests to friends and colleagues. Whether you do that in small ways (a lunch conversation, an email, a Tweet) or big ways (speaking at a conference, contacting your District Representative) it's up to you!

You will also be asked to provide feedback on Research Quest, through infrequent surveys and occasional focus groups.

Primarily you will be out in the world, always thinking, "Who here needs to know about Research Quest?”

Join Ed Corps now to review the full list of supported activities.


As you complete activities you will level up through three leadership tiers, with each tier providing different rewards for both you and your classroom. Improve your professional standing through appreciations we will send (with your permission of course) to your principal, through new leadership opportunities, and through the social cred you accrue as you move up the leaderboards. You will gain new information from the Ed Corps online community, the Ed Corps newsletter, and an invite-only Meet the Scientist event. You will receive t-shirts and water bottles for yourself, and posters and stickers for your classroom. Join the Research Quest Ed Corps now to see the full list of potential rewards that await.