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Research Quest Support

Support For Teachers

Research Quest was designed to be used by teachers in their physical classrooms. It has everything educators need to easily implement with their class(es) – instructional guides, student notebooks, expert videos custom made for students – and it’s all available online. Students access the Research Quest investigations by logging in through the student portal – they don’t need to create their own account.

With many schools using remote learning, we’ve found that some teachers are interested in making these traditional Research Quest resources available to students learning from home. This isn’t how we designed Research Quest – but for many, it seems to be working.

Here’s how to use the Research Quest investigations yourself and provide students with directions for how, when, and what you want them to do.

  1. Create a Teacher Account.
  2. Log into your new account.
  3. Choose an investigation you want to use with your class(es).
  4. Review the Instructional Guide and Research Assistant Notebook for the investigation you want your students to do. Once logged in, these support materials are linked below.
  5. While reviewing the support materials for your investigation, click through the Investigation you’ve selected by clicking on the “Launch Investigation” button.
  6. Determine how you will implement the investigation, using the Instructional Guide as guidance for how many days you will use it and which sections students will complete each day.
  7. Schedule computers needed for implementation.
  8. Print out Research Assistant Notebooks or import into your preferred digitally based tool (i.e. Google Docs), both found on the support materials page of your select investigation - below.
  9. Send your students to www.researchquest.org/student. They’ll also need your unique Student Access Code. You can find it under My Account.
  10. Direct students to the investigation you want them to complete.

Investigation Support Materials

Within each investigation there are multiple, scaffolded activities for your students. These are designed to be used together as a comprehensive, multi-day lesson but can be used in a variety of other ways as supplemental material depending on your curriculum needs. You can access the Teacher Instructional Guides, Student Research Assistant Notebooks, and resources for assessment for each activity below.